Telling the Redemption Story to Your Kids

Here’s a good book for your kids somewhere between ages 8-12, give or take.  It is the “big picture” story of Scripture – redemptive history from Genesis to Revelation with the gospel at the center – embedded in a story.  A grandpa tells two of his grandkids about a great war (building on the theme of Genesis 3.15).  Since one of his grandkids (Marc) is obsessed with war/soldiers, the grandpa explains from Scripture stories how God is the great and powerful commander who doesn’t make mistakes, who will ultimately defeat the enemy, Satan.

If you go here, you can read a bit more about the book, including the table of contents, the first chapter (so you can see for yourself what it “reads” like and if your kids would enjoy/understand it), and a simple study guide.  Each chapter is relatively short (around 4-5 pages) and has Scripture references and a key text to read as well.  The book is good for those of you who read with your kids during meals or before bed.  Our kids asked good questions during many of these chapters; they may lead to some great meal-time or bed-time “theology for kids” chats.  One additional note: this book stands in the Reformed/Presbyterian line, though I’m sure other traditions would benefit as well.

I do recommend the book, though as usually happens in these kinds of books, the kids are a little too “Leave-it-to-Beaverish” for me.  It would be more realistic if the kids fought with each other and argued with their grandpa, but I suppose that might detract from the main point of the story (and after having our own kids fight all day, who wants to have even more of it in a book!?).

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  1. My kids never fight, although they do argue, kick, scream, pester, poke, and tease. But they do not fight.


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