Interesting New Book on Baptism

I came across this new, 800+ page tome on baptism in the early church.  Should be a welcome addition to discussions of how baptism was practiced by the first few centuries of Christianity!  We’ll see if this book finally settles the debate about whether infant baptism was practiced from the get go or not!  <grin>


2 thoughts on “Interesting New Book on Baptism”

  1. I’ve been reading the book and blogged on it here:

    Ferguson believes that the evidence, although not strictly conclusive, is heavily in favor of credobaptism for the first century church, with paedobaptism gradually accepted (varied regionally) largely thanks to the sacramental view of baptism as regeneration and full salvation, combined with the high rate of infant sickness and mortality. The Reformed understanding of baptism as parallel to circumcision (covenantal entry for infants) is simply not on the radar for the early fathers.


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