Exodus 2.23-25: Yahweh Heard, Saw, Knew, and Remembered

In the New Bible Commentary: Revised Edition (edited by D. Guthrie, A. Motyer, A. Stibbs, and D. Wiseman), Hywel Jones wrote the brief commentary on the book of Exodus.  It is one of the jewels in this one-volume commentary (other authors include D. Kidner, M. G. Kline, R. K. Harrison, F. F. Bruce, Joyce Baldwin, O.T. Allis, E. J. Young,  and so forth).

Jones has a great comment on Exodus 2.23-25:

“The clear teaching of this brief but important passage is that God hears His people’s cry and sees their need in tender compassion, but not as a helpless, saddened spectator.  He is one who in sovereign love and power acts on the need He sees and the cry He hears, because He has taken a covenant oath upon Himself in respect of these people.  God had begun to prepare a deliverer before His people had cried for deliverance, however, and with the death of Pharaoh the time arrived for the deliverer to return to Egypt.  Thus plainly is the Lord of history a God of grace, and the God of grace is the Lord of history” (p. 122).

I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the commentary as I make my way through the Hebrew text of Exodus.  Stay tuned!

shane lems

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