The Parables of Jesus

Klyne R. Snodgrass wrote a helpful commentary on all the parables of Jesus: Stories with Intent: A Comprehensive Guide to the Parables of Jesus (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2008 ). This book is indeed a must have for all NT students, preachers, and teachers.

In this book, Snodgrass writes about parables in general, critical issues concerning parables, and parables in other ancient literature (Greco-Roman, Jewish, etc.). He then comments on each parable according to where they fall into his classification (i.e. parables of the present kingdom, parables about Israel, parables about discipleship, etc.).

Each chapter on certain parables has a great structure: parable type, issues requiring attention, comparison with (Jewish/Greco-Roman/early Christian) primary sources, textual features worth noting, cultural background, options for explanation (different interpretations in the history of exegesis), Snodgrass’ own evaluation of the options, and finally a section on adapting the parable (which is something like application). Each section also ends with a bibliography.

As a bonus, Snodgrass even has several appendices concerning the Greek word parabole, the Hebrew word (verb & noun) masal, and a discussion of parabole in the LXX and Apostolic fathers.

This 800+ page book is really a library on the parables between two covers. I agree with D. Bock’s assessment: “Bravo!”

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  1. Excellent . . . I was just thinking about the parables the other day and remembering that I don’t own anything about how to interpret them. :( Didn’t Dr. Baugh recommend Blomberg’s book as well? One of these days I’ll try to get my NT library up-to-snuff . . .


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