Back to School Aramaic Sale . . .

Eisenbrauns has a nice sale going on this week on Aramaic and Syriac materials (i.e., grammars, lexica, etc.). The grammars by both Frederick Greenspahn and Franz Rosenthal are especially noteworthy. I only regret having purchased Rosenthal a few weeks back for about $10 more! Patience is a virtue that I need to spend a bit more work on cultivating! :P


3 thoughts on “Back to School Aramaic Sale . . .”

  1. Thanks again, James. I can never seem to get the links figured out!

    Richard – yes, somewhat. I took an intro class back in the spring. There are a lot of similarities so it’s not too difficult to get the hang of. Adding vowels, on the other hand, is quite tricky and somewhat speculative. My very basic knowledge of Akkadian helped to make the class fairly straight forward.


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