Luther, Lutherans, and the Third Reich – Two Books Worth Reading

In my July 2008 issue of Interpretation, I’ve been reading about the 20th century German OT scholar, Gerhard Von Rad and some of the historical context of his work. It is a most excellent issue – I’ll no doubt blog about it in the near future. For now, I want to point out two new books from Concordia Publishing House (I saw them in an ad in Interpretation).

First, CPH just published Lutherans Against Hitler by Lowell C. Green. In this book, according to CPH’s blurb, Green analyzes original documents to refute the common accusation that the German Lutheran church was much too passive during the reign of the Third Reich. He also writes about the courageous Lutheran pastors who did all they could to prevent the Lutheran church from being absorbed into the Reich church. Sounds like a great read!

Second, and along the same lines, Uwe Siemon-Netto’s book, The Fabricated Luther, Second Edition deals with the accusation that Hitler was a spiritual child of Martin Luther. Netto reflects on some of Luther’s teachings to show that Luther’s true spiritual “children” were those confessional Lutherans who resisted the Nazi powerhouse and eventually brought down the Berlin wall. Add this one to your “must read” list!

shane lems
sunnyside wa