Willimon on Acts 2.42

What does an apostolic church look like? A whirlwind of programs ever looming on the horizon? Willimon has a biblical answer:

“In all these activities of teaching, fellowship and sharing, breaking of bread, and praying we see a well-rounded picture of the church, the marks of authentic embodiment of the Spirit in the community’s life, a canon for the measurement of the church’s activity today.”

“As one views modern congregations, many with their hectic round of activities – yoga, ceramics, basketweaving, daycare – one suspects that socialization is being substituted for the gospel, warm-hearted busyness is being offered in lieu of Spirit-empowered community. One wonders if the church needs to reflect again that when all is said and done ‘one thing is needful’ (Luke 10:42), namely to embody, in the church’s unique way, the peculiarity of the call to devote ourselves ‘to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers’ (Acts 2:42).”

“This summary of the activity of the church focuses our attention away from preoccupation with individual actors toward the true concern of the story – the community.”

William Willimon, Acts (Louisville: John Knox Press, 1988), 42.

shane lems

sunnyside wa