Biography of Cornelius Van Til


Thanks to Greenbaggins for pointing out this gem! This should be a great book to get!

Check out the product here:
At WTS books

Add it to your wishlist along with Bavinck, vol. 4 and Zondervan’s forthcoming A Reader’s Hebrew Bible!!!


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  1. Nice – thanks Keith! I’ve already got this thing bookmarked along with about 5 other books I need to get in the next few months!



  2. Thanks for that Hebrew Bible tip. Didn’t realize Zondervan was doing one for the OT. I didn’t particularly care for the way that they did their NT one — the UBS Reader is much better! We’ll see if they can get their fonts right for the OT! :-(


  3. Yeah, I’ve been thinking of getting the new UBS NT just to have an easier way of practicing Greek reading. The OT version does look to be pretty stellar! Having every word defined somewhere will make it very valuable. I have to keep my UBS4 (with the short lexicon in the back) nearby whenever reading the Zondervan NT just to define words that I’ve forgotten since my last Greek quiz in Greek IV!



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