Seminary too Hard?

  “Sometimes seminarians complain that the seminary’s expectations of them are too demanding, that the course is too difficult, or that it is placing academic burdens upon them that they cannot bear.  Perhaps they feel that their sincerity and their sense of vocation are enough to sustain them in their ministry.  They are wrong.”

William Willimon, Pastor: The Theology and Practice of Ordained Ministry (Nashville: Abingdon Press, 2002), 24.

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3 Replies to “Seminary too Hard?”

  1. Wow – very powerful because it is VERY true!

    This even proved true when I was teaching band. Even when things were a nightmare, I was able to get through the day by falling back on my training. Without the solid education, I wouldn’t have made it even one month!

    How much more when it’s the pastorate!


  2. At the ripe old age of 37, I decided to go back to seminary. I can hardly believe how much I have been missing out in 12 years since graduation from college despite my habit of reading. My ministry has been rejuvenated already. Willimon is right: sincerity is not enough.



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