Marketing God?

How Christianity Went from In Your Heart to In Your FaceHere’s a book that will make you think: James B. Twitchell, Shopping for God: How Christianity Went From In Your Heart to In Your Face (New York: Simon and Schuster, 2007).  I’ve got this book from ILL for a few weeks, so I’ll come back to it a few times.  For now, check this out:

“In 1900 there were 330 different religious groups; now there are over 2,000.  This happens only in America.  And it is not hard to explain.  We have learned how to buy and sell almost anything; hospital care, art, education, philanthropy; you name it, and you’ll soon find a market trading it.  Everything in this culture goes to market.  Why should religion be any different?”

“Pretending otherwise is exactly what distinguishes this market.  What a nifty irony that some Christian denominations don’t care for the Darwinian model when applied to biology or social engineering, yet they themselves have to hustle, innovate, adapt, mutate, grow new appendages, or become the lunch of those who do.  Before ‘scramble competition’ became an economic term, it was a biological one.  Now it’s a religious one (p. 24).”

Stay tuned for some more on this same theme; the book is an eye opener to say the least!


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