Shane in Print on Two Important Subjects

Shane’s far too modest to draw attention to his work, but I noticed that two of his articles have made the list of “Selected Articles Published in The Outlook” over on The Outlook‘s website.

First, note his article on the law/gospel distinction evident in the Heidelberg Catechism entitled “The Two Parts of the Heidelberg Catechism: Law and Gospel.”

Second, his more recent article demonstrates that the doctrine of the covenant of works isn’t just affirmed by Presbyterians, but also has a long history within continental Reformed churches, in particular continental Reformed churches in the Netherlands. This article is entitled “The Covenant of Works in Dutch Reformed Orthodoxy.”

So there you have it. Way to go Lems! If you have a chance, check out the full list of articles here which includes articles written by folks like R. Scott Clark, David VanDrunen, Cornelis Venema, and Danny Hyde, to name only a few! Enjoy!



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