Luther the Preacher

Luther’s sermons are some of the clearest and most profound gospel centered sermons ever written.  I know that’s a huge statement, yet I stand behind it.  CBD currently has a sale on Baker’s 7 volume set of Luther’s sermons ($35).  If you do not own these, you will not be disappointed in them – and you just may agree with my opening statement after reading them.  I return to them time and again in my studies and devotional life.  Go here to check them out.  This is Luther preaching on faith alone:

“Now here is the proper domain of faith, which takes hold of the word from the mouth of the apostle and preacher, and holds fast to the forgiveness won by Christ’s suffering and resurrection, and declared and distributed in the word.  That is the foundation of our doctrine: We are justified and saved by faith in Christ alone.”

“The word of forgiveness of sins which was obtained by Christ and placed in the disciples’ mouths can neither be grasped with the hands nor with works, whether fasting, prayer, almsgiving, or whatever works they may be.  Faith alone can take hold of this word, and the heart is the only legitimate vessel which may enclose it.  Let this, therefore, stand purely and for sure: We must be justified by faith alone.”

Quotes taken from Luther’s Sermons Volume Six, ed. and trans. Eugene F. A. Klug, et. al (Grand Rapids: Baker, 2000), 71.


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  1. Thanks Shane, B Vos is always quoting Luther’s sermons so I was thinking about getting them anyway. Here in GR you can find separated volumes on the discount shelf at Baker for $5.00 – so same deal.


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