Law/Gospel and the NPP

Krister Stendahl (a huge figure in the NPP movement) began to suggest in the early 1960’s that the whole church has read Paul wrongly (i.e. introspectively) since Augustine.  Stendahl also did some work in the late ’60’s on the relationship between Judaism and Christianity; he was pleading for a new relationship based on a more Jewish and less Western Christian reading of Paul and the NT.  In this article he talked about anti-Semitism and the law/gospel distinction in Reformation theology.

After discussing what he calls the anti-semitist elements in the NT, he mentions a “more subtle…more powerful form of the anti-Jewish element in Christian theology to consider, especially in Protestantism and then most prominently in Lutheranism.  I refer to the theological model “Law and Gospel.” 

Wow.  This has many implications.  For one, he’s charging the Reformation law/gospel adherents of anti-semitism.   Any other implications come to mind?   Stay tuned for more on Stendahl….

Above quote taken from Krister Stendahl, “Judaism and Christianity: A Plea for a New Relationship” Cross Currents (1967: Fall), 450.  It originally appeared in the Fall 1967 Harvard Divinity Bulletin.

shane lems

sunnyside wa