Apocalyptic Symbols of Scripture

The Promise of New Testament Apocalyptic TextsWhile studying the apocalyptic portions of Scripture, here is a good one liner worth pondering:

“The symbols are not interested in mediating information so much as they are intended to alter perception.”

Note: in the context of this quote, Jacobsen is discussing how Scripture doesn’t simply pass along informative facts or propositions; Scripture does things to God’s people.  Interestingly, in this same context, he also notes how we are a people stabalized by symbols (i.e. rings, stop signs, and business logos).  The other-world symbols from Scripture collide with the this-world symbols, which results in an explosion: the other-world symbols survive and reorient our lives to their reality, which sometimes hurts!

See David S. Jacobsen, Preaching in the New Creation (Louisville: Westminster John Knox, 1999), 89.


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