Willimon on Preaching

The Theology and Practice of Ordained Ministry 

Willimon is at it again: 

“One of the chief responsibilities of baptized Christians is to submit to Scripture, to let Scripture judge our discipleship rather than for us to judge the possibility and permissibility of Scripture’s demands.  Preaching is a major means of helping us fulfill that responsibility.”

“It may be more accurate to think of the Bible questioning us, rather than us questioning the Bible.  ‘Lord, you have searched me and known me,’ says the psalmist.  We must read the Bible in such a way that the Bible is allowed to read us, to interpret our world in the light of the reign of God in Jesus Christ.  ‘Adam, where are you?’ the Lord asked our first ancestor in the Garden of Eden.  So our primary question may not be, Is this biblical material relevant to me? but rather, How can we better align our lives to the demands of Scripture?  It is not, Does this passage address my needs as a twentieth-century person who uses a fax machine? But rather, How does this passage rearrange and judge our notions of our needs?”

This is great: “The burden of Scripture is also a blessing that relieves us of the pointless burdens that this society places upon our backs.”

This is another worth while book by Willimon; I can’t set it down!

Quotes taken from William Willimon, Pastor: The Theology and Practice of Ordained Ministry (Nashville: Abingdon Press, 2002), 150.


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