Danny Hyde on Liturgy

In answering the question, “what is a liturgy?” Hyde responds that it is “an order of worship,” simply put. 

He continues: “Every church…uses a liturgy.  It is not something only a few churches have, such as the Roman Catholics or ‘traditional’ churches; every worship service in every church [in] the world has a liturgy.  Whether or not a particular church has a more structured or loose service, or whether a ‘liturgy’ is printed in the bulletin and followed or not, does not make one church liturgical and another not, as all have a liturgy every time there is worship.”

“What we must ask ourselves, as Christians seeking to worship the Father in ‘spirit and truth’ is not whether we have a liturgy, but since we have one, let us put it in the light of Scripture to see whether it is biblical or not” (emphasis mine).

Exactly.  The main question for the worship in a church is not “how do I want it?” but “how does God want it?”

See Daniel R Hyde, The Good Confession (Eugene: Wipf & Stock, 2006), 178. 


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  1. Are you using this as a text book for any of your classes at the church? It looks like it would be a great resource for that sort of thing.


  2. Rjs1,

    Feel free to dialog with me personally. You can find my email on my website: oceansideurc.org

    The book doesn’t deal with that question, although I am interested in what your question is getting at.



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