Olevian on Alien Righteousness and Alien Curse

An Aid to Interpreting the Heidelberg Catechism (Texts and Studies in Reformation and Post-Reformation Thought) 

Olevian comments on Lord’s Day 15: “Q. Was it not a disgrace for the Son of God to become a curse…?  A. Not at all.  For we believe that Christ took upon Himself and bore and alien curse, namely ours….”

Commenting on Romans 4, Olevian says, “He [God] is declaring that ungodly person righteous on account of an alien righteousness in Christ, not in himself” (emphasis mine). 

[Double] imputation wasn’t legal fiction for Olevian.

Quotations from pages 67 & 110 of A Firm Foundation trans. Lyle Bierma (Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 1995).


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  1. Nice nice nice . . . there’s nothing like double imputation. If anything spurs me on toward gratitude, it’s that!


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