Bavinck and the Covenants (Works/Grace)

Reformed Dogmatics, Vol. 3: Sin and Salvation in Christ 

“Prior to the fall, the state of humanity and of the earth as a whole was a provisional one that could not remain as it was.  It was such that it could be raised to a higher glory but in the event of human transgression could also be subjected to futility and decay” (Dogmatics III:182).   

“The covenant of grace differs from the covenant of works in method, not in its ultimate goal.  It [eternal blessedness] is the same treasure that was promised in the covenant of works and is granted in the covenant of grace” (Dogmatics III:577). 

“…The covenant of grace, insofar as it was made with Christ, was essentially a covenant of works” (Dogmatics III:227).

I’ve saved the best two for last:

“The covenant of works and the covenant of grace stand and fall together” (Dogmatics I: 579). 

“If there were no covenant of works, neither would there be a covenant of grace” (Dogmatics I:103)

Trust me: this is just the tip of the iceburg for Bavinck.  Bavinck would not be Bavinck without his clear distinction between the covenant of works and the covenant of grace.


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  1. Yes, but how does he feel about the law gospel distinction? Does he distinguish between works/grace on the one hand and law/gospel on the other?


  2. Mike:
    Send me an email in a few weeks and I’ll do a post on Bavinck’s law/gospel distinction.



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