A Boring Bible?

Knowing Scripture

I was researching several sources concerning the study of Scripture, and I came across this great quote by R.C. Sproul.  It is said in a way only Sproul can say it.

“The preponderance of boredom that people experience with the Bible came home to me several years ago when I was hired to teach the Scriptures in required Bible courses at a Christian college.  The president of the institution phoned me and said, ‘We need someone young and exciting, someone with a dynamic method who will be able to make the Bible come alive.’  I had to force myself to swallow my words.  I wanted to say, ‘You want me to make the Bible come alive?  I didn’t know that it had died.  In fact, I never even heard that it was ill.  Who was the attending physician at the Bible’s demise?’  No, I can’t make the Bible come alive for anyone.  The Bible is already alive.  It makes me come alive” (R. C. Sproul, Knowing Scripture [Downers Grove: InterVarsity Press, 1977], 14-15).

Amen, Sproul!


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