The Reason Driven Life

Reason driven life 

You have probably read some criticism of Rick Warren’s book that sold a bazillion copies, The Purpose Driven Life.  But if you have yet to see an agnostic’s response to Warren’s book, you should check this one out: The Reason Driven Life by R. Price

I realize the Purpose Driven fad is slowly disappearing, but it is still interesting to read responses to this fad.  Price’s response is really agnosticism on steriods.  Note some of the chapter titles: 1) It Is about You  2) You Are a Work of Art  8 ) God: Planned for Our Pleasure 13) Worship that Creates God  37) Fabricating Your Life Message.   Also note some of Price’s “Points to Ponder” that come at the end of each chapter: Becoming is better than being, Maybe I really am a mortal, My life is about what I say it is, What happens to me is good if I decide it is, Born-again Christians are basically Jehovah’s Witnesses who believe in the Trinity, and so forth.

Though I obviously disagree with Price’s conclusions, some of his thoughts are quite provoking, especially the chapter on worship.  He says (favorably) that worshippers have  to “become clay in the hands of the author, the director, to let them shape you, to manipulate your emotions and thus to galvanize your conscience…” (p. 138).  Interestingly, though he is criticizing Warren and evangelical worship, he talks about how worship has to be aesthetic, have “special effects,” and include iconography to give power to the moral message (p. 139-141).  Now there’s something to dig into: how an agnostic and some evangelicals have similar views of worship!


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  1. Preach it brother Lems!

    I think you should delve into that thought more in a later entry.

    It reminds me of those atheists Menken and Lipmann who wrote little jacket-blurbs for Machen’s Christianity and Liberalism. This guy is intellectually honest; he recognizes that worship conformed to our felt needs is will (self) worship!


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